This is more about me than even my close friends would want to know. For something more succinct, my profile on LinkedIn is:


Although raised in Birmingham, Alabama, I rarely say “y’all”, loathe fried green tomatoes, and cannot play the solos in “Free Bird” on my guitar. Perhaps owing to these deficiencies, I traveled north for college to the University of Michigan School of Art, leaving with my BFA in graphic design, a minor in advertising and a deep, personal understanding of the term “wind chill”.

After graduation, I moved to NYC where, seduced by the promise of free art supplies and the chance to hawk toothpaste, hamburgers and shampoo, I joined Benton & Bowles Advertising as a junior art director. After about 18 months, friends in Los Angeles suggested that if I were destined to be poor, I might as well be poor at the beach. This argument, pitched in January, quickly took hold and I  moved to the west coast. There, I worked at Saatchi & Saatchi on the Toyota account, introducing me to the sometimes idiosyncratic world of automotive advertising, point-of-sale and brochure design.

I was soon hired away by The Designory, where my automotive odyssey continued for several years designing long-form brochure systems for Suzuki, Nissan, Porsche and Oldsmobile. It was great work, and gave me considerable experience with big budget photo shoots, printing, film, brand development and team management, winning a tidy stack of awards along the way. In late 1993, however, a pocket of interactive guerillas began to form in the company and, seeing a chance to exercise my somewhat schizophrenic interests in music, film, animation and technology, I joined this merry band of rogues.

As Creative Director for The Designory’s New Media Group, I helped create a number of award-winning web, video and CD-ROM projects for Mercedes- Benz, Porsche, Nissan and The Designory. In 1997, we picked up the whole group (all 4 of us) and moved to Genex, a then tiny development firm, to dedicate ourselves to all things digital.

As VP, Creative at Genex from mid-1997 to mid-2007, I led the development of many award winning websites, kiosks and CD-ROMs. Clients have included numerous film studios, Citigroup, Oldsmobile, KB Home, Honda, Amgen, Porsche, Activision, Herman Miller, Acura, the WB Network, Technicolor, Kimberly- Clark and quite a few others others. (Genex has since been purchased by Meredith, and is now known as Meredith Xcelerated).

After a ten year detour, including a very brief pass through MRM, I returned to  Designory to help further develop their growing interactive business, working on diverse clients including Nissan, Infiniti, VCA Animal Hospitals, Case IH and HP. During this second tour of duty at Designory, my family decided to relocate to the Seattle area. I continued to work remotely for Designory, flying to the Chicago and Los Angeles offices on a regular basis. After two years of amassing frequent flyer miles, I was approached by Hornall Anderson in Seattle to help shape their digital offering. Great firm, great people, but after several months of mixed success, we've decided we're just not right for each other.

Now, I've decided to explore the independent model, working as an individual consultant, and joining (or creating teams) as necessary to tackle brand-centric projects, using whatever media are best suited to solving the problem at hand.